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for free 🎉

We believe every creator should have access to the tools they need to sell out their collection without having to pay thousands of dollars.

We’re building every tool you could possibly need. The best part? We're 100% free.

The UI is so simple, it only takes
5 min to make an allowlist.


We want every NFT creator to have
the tools they need.


Build unlimited allowlists
Easily build allowlists for free - verify Twitter & Discord membership, minimum ETH balance


Unlimited ready-to-go smart contracts
Use our smart contract generator to launch your NFT project - no developer needed


Unlimited airdrops & snapshots
Want to airdrop all your users a gift or take a snapshot of all your holders? We make it easy.

Built for Ethereum, Solana, and more.

Whatever blockchain you use, we’ve got you covered.

Get the right collectors
for your project

With just a few clicks, you can verify users before they register:

Twitter verification

Confirm users are following you on Twitter

Discord verification

Confirm users are in your Discord, and/or that they have a specific role assigned to them

ETH/SOL Balance verification

Ensure user wallet addresses have enough money to mint

Verify NFT ownership

Confirm users own a token from a specific collection


Automatically select winners for your allowlist


Require a password to access your registration page

Need a feature that isn’t listed?
We’ll build it for you

Since we’ve launched an NFT project ourselves, we know first hand how frustrating it can be to need something that doesn’t exist yet. Luckily for you, we have an incredible team of engineers that can quickly build solutions to your problems. If you need something custom built, send us an email at and we’ll take it from there! And yes, that’s free too.

Our team has been featured by

Over 1,000 creators and 20,000 collectors
have used Hey Mint so far 💪

Past projects coded by the Hey Mint team:

World of Women Galaxy
$30 million mint
View OpenSea
by Zeneca_33 (300k twitter followers)
View OpenSea
Curious Addys
First educational NFT project
View OpenSea
Memories of a Masterpiece
by Amber Vittoria, leading NFT artist
View OpenSea

Our code has never been exploited in any way.

Security is incredibly important to us. Here’s what we’re doing to ensure you feel comfortable & safe using our platform:

Verify wallet ownership
without connecting your wallet

Other allowlist platforms have been hacked and users have tragically lost all their assets because they were accustomed to connecting their wallets and signing messages.

We believe that requiring wallet connections for a simple allowlist is outdated and unnecessary, so we replaced it with a much safer process.

Instead of connecting a collector's wallet directly to Hey Mint, we verify wallet ownership via OpenSea - if a user can prove they can sign into OpenSea with their wallet, we can verify they own it.

No more wallet connections - no more scams.

Specify a separate minting and verification wallet address

Part of what makes allowlists so useful is the ability to specify certain requirements like a minimum ETH/SOL balance and ownership of various NFTs.

To help keep user assets safe, collectors will be able to verify ownership of one wallet that meets allowlist requirements, without ever connecting that wallet to Hey Mint, and join an allowlist with a second wallet address that doesn’t have valuable funds in it.

This way, even if a minting wallet is compromised, NFTs and other assets remain safe.

Increase collector trust and prevent rug pulls by allowing creators to privately verify their identity

A rug pull is everybody’s worst nightmare. Collectors are hesitant to join new projects for fear they will be scammed. For the first time ever, we help increase collector trust by providing third party verification that project creators are legitimate.

We accomplish this by allowing creators to privately verify their identity with us via Stripe Identity. Choose to remain publicly anonymous if you wish, but give your collectors the reassurance they crave that you are legitimate and your project is safe to mint.

We’re paying for this identify verification ourselves, and display a prominent verified with Stripe Identity badge on projects with creators that went through this process.

To claim this badge, project owners submit a selfie that matches their government ID. This is then checked against Stripe’s global databases for any discrepancies and red flags.


Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between Hey Mint and Premint?

Not much at the moment! Both Hey Mint and Premint offer the same features for running allowlists - the primary difference is Premint costs 1 ETH to use, whereas Hey Mint is entirely free.

Allowlist management is also only the first of Hey Mint's many product offerings. Our goal is to create a comprehensive toolbox of everything a creator needs to launch their NFT project - entirely for free.

Products coming soon down the pipeline include the ability to easily create smart contracts and minting websites for an NFT project, no coding experience necessary, as well as the ability to easily conduct airdrops and snapshots of holders. Stay tuned!

Is it safe to connect my wallet to Hey Mint?

Yes: Hey Mint will not gain permission to make any transactions from your wallet.

Is your team doxxed?

Yep! Our team (Mai & Ben) has been actively helping onboard people into the Web3 space for years. Not only have we launched our own NFT project, we also have a Discord community with 25k active members, we’ve created the best selling course on NFTs, and have been featured by many reputable publications! Our team has very experienced silicon valley engineers who care a lot about security: our projects have never been hacked or exploited in any way!

What if I need a feature that you don’t have?

We’d love to build it for you! Not to brag, but our team is incredibly fast & we’re thrilled to help make a product that people really need in this space. Email at if you need something we don’t currently offer!

Have other questions? Send us an email at

Built by a small but mighty crew ❤️

Mai Akiyoshi
Ben Yu
Lew Blood
Director of Engineering
Kel Livson
Brad Jaeger
Director of Content
Nate Broughton
Director of Operations
Johana Canales
Director of Community
Jake Hobbs
Software Engineer
Orlando LaCrue
Software Engineer
Jenny Ho
Product Designer
Dalibor Makic
Product Manager
Community Manager
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